3 Ways Security Cameras Help Law Enforcement

When law enforcement agencies create plans to protect a city, many turn to security camera systems to help keep an eye on public areas.

They act as a deterrent

When installed in public places, security cameras act as a deterrent against crime. As most cameras are running 24 hours a day, they are designed to catch any illegal activity that happens in the area on tape that can later be used as incriminating evidence. Law enforcement officials install equipment in parks, street corners and busy intersections, as these are often high-crime areas in the city.

They provide documented footage

As the footage can be replayed endlessly, security camera tapes provide a detailed account of an incident. Law enforcement officials can watch the footage looking for different clues, which is a great ally in solving crimes. In certain cases, authorities can use new technologies to fast forward to times on the tape where there is significant activity, zoom in on certain frames to get a clearer picture of a suspect or print images straight from the tape to paper.

They protect officers from false allegations

Many cities across the country are beginning to install security cameras in police vehicles to document interactions between police and those being accused of a crime. After being caught, many people falsely accuse officers of engaging in police brutality and other behaviors that are hard to disprove. If there is surveillance footage of these interactions available, police department authorities are able to discern whether or not the events in question actually occurred.

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