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There are a number of security systems to help protect your home or commercial property. But one way of adding an extra layer of security is to have people monitoring your property so that someone can deal with anyone invading your Banstead local property.

With a normal alarm, a noise goes off as a means of alerting people that someone has invaded an area. However, it then means that someone on the property (or is alerted nearby) has to contact the authorities or physically check their property.

With a monitored system, once an alarm is triggered it can then be sent to a monitoring centre.

Someone based at the monitoring centre can then check any footage. If they feel that someone has invaded the property then they can either check with the property owner and ask for advice or they can sound the alert to the local authorities.

Another benefit is that some systems have loudspeakers, so an outside monitor can talk directly to a house invader. Often this will be a strong enough deterrent for someone invading your property.

Finally, for people who run a business letting customers know that the property has been secured and is monitored by an outside agency can provide additional peace of mind.

As well as having someone available to observe security footage, it is also important that the system itself is as reliable as possible.

This is why we use the highest standard systems, as this means you are less likely to get false alarms, reduces unnecessary maintenance and additional engineer call-outs.

When it comes to our team, we work hard to source the best, highly qualified staff. We regularly assess them to maintain standards while also security checking anyone before they start work with us.

Furthermore, when you get a callout from us it is always our team as we do not use subcontractors.

Choosing the right system
When it comes to security systems there are a range of options available. Whether it’s access gates with cameras, sensors or fire alarms, we look at your home or commercial environment to see what is appropriate.

It may be that you want a large camera to act as a deterrent or a more subtle form of monitoring.

Whatever the reason, we work closely with you. There are a number of high quality brand names that we use, so you can be rest assured that you are getting something that is ideal for your security needs.

In addition to that, we also offer servicing and advice on how to maintain your system. If any faults come up, we will be happy to check over any issues and then resolve any faults in your security system.

Talk to us
To find out more about the range of monitored systems and other products that we offer in the local Banstead area, please contact us today and we will be happy to go over your requirements in detail and find the ideal security setup for you.

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