Thermal Temperature Imaging Detection Banstead

In recent years, thermal temperature imagining detection for businesses has become more accessible.

There are a number of applications and it is worth noting how this technology can benefit local Banstead businesses.

Cutting down illness
Some people make the mistake of coming into work when they are seriously ill. This can mean other people are infected, resulting in lost productivity.

Thermal technology can detect raised body temperature so if you suspect someone is working when they shouldn’t be you can get them out sooner and protect your workforce.

How it works
A thermographic camera can be handheld or secured in place like a normal CCTV camera. It automatically scans and detects any changes in temperature.

There are also metal detector doors that work in a similar way, so in the event of someone with a raised temperature entering a building during a pandemic you could alert them before they enter your building, minimising any potential risk.

Access control
There are also access control devices that work in a similar way. These devices can scan without the need to touch someone, so there is no risk of passing on infections through the devices.

They can also be used to detect masks, so if someone enters a building without a mask when they should be then you can be alerted and call security if necessary.

There are also cameras and monitoring systems with codes indicating when someone is entering with an elevated body temperature (red) or does not wear a mask (yellow).

Being able to monitor this in real time will allow for easier checks, raising an alarm if anyone is identified as a potential risk. This in turn means people can take action, reducing the risk of infection as much as possible.

How your business benefits
The advantage of these devices is that they allow for better monitoring while at the same time not requiring any touch during the process, allowing for more protection and at minimal risk.

For small businesses you can use handheld devices, while for larger companies access control and airport style metal detectors can be used alongside monitoring programs, reducing the risk of any potential infections.

We are here to help
It is important to ensure these devices are properly installed and that you know how to use them.

This is why at Allstar Security we work closely with our clients, guiding them through the options that are available and using highly professional staff to install them (we do not use subcontractors).

Once the products have been installed, we are also available in the event of any issues. We can come out, verify the problem and address any issues in order to make sure your security systems are properly maintained.

To find out more about getting thermal temperature imaging detection for businesses and other security products and services in the Banstead area please contact us today and we will be happy to go over your requirements in more detail and find the ideal solution to suit your business.

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